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SSL Expiration App

SSL Expiration

This app is designed to keep your transactions safe, and your visitors secure. It monitors your SSL certificate and will alert you when it’s about to expire. Owners will receive an expiration warning at 90 days, 30 days, 15 days and 7 days, or on a customized day you designate. Moreover, the app can send alerts via SMS or email, or both depending on the user’s preference.

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Vulnerability Scanner Icon

Vulnerability Scanner

Quadri Consulting online scanner is a framework of different services and tools to allow a complete and authoritative vulnerability scanning for XML, HTML, and Latex.

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Ssl Scanner

This application will enable you to assess the SSL Certificate on multiple websites. Instead of having to use SSLLABS to do it one by one. Save time by doing multiple scans a the same time.
Just upload a text file containing hundreds or thousands of URLs (with or without https)
You will receive an email with an attached beautifully formatted Excel spreadsheet results.

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