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We are experienced security consultants who work with in-house IT teams of Banks and Telcos in the UK and internationally. We seamlessly deliver reduced costs and increased profitability through the optimisation of security and best practice.


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We protect information from theft and leakage, safeguard client confidentiality and ensure continuous service availability. In recent years, we have advised CTOs and CIOs, trained their staff and implemented projects in excess of $133m.

Vulnerability Scanning Vulnerability Scanning
Our Scanning service will comb through your websites and IT infrastructure to locate any weaknesses and offer remediation options. Cost £210 [read more]
Threat Management Threat Management
Visualise and Monitor your security posture and offer remediation. Proactively discover errors in Critical Systems. Analyse L2-L7 content on the fly for vulnerabilities. Classify devices based on traffic payload. [read more]
Awareness Training Awareness Training
We identify and measure current employee security weaknesses, create on-going Phishing Campaigns and assessments as well as educate employees about the dangers of social engineering. We design, manage and deliver employee security behaviour programmes that measure, track and reduce employees' susceptibility to targeted cyber attacks. [read more]
Penetration Testing Penetration Testing
Our red team test your Internal systems and External Website. Perform a one-time security test or an on-going, proactive Pentesting strategy. We also perform Source Code review using static as well as dynamic analysis. [read more]
Incident Response Incident Response
If you have been hacked, we will contain it and preserve evidence that is encrypted automatically. We provide fast initial identification of the scope and potential impact of an attack. [read more]
IT Security Consulting Professional Services
Our Consultants deliver your security solution flawlessly. Complete Product Security Review, Product Security Design Evaluation, Cloud Security Services, Vendor Selection, Product integration and Secure Coding Guidelines for Developers.

Security Specifications, Secure PCI related applications and Product Implementation. Protect your intellectual property, brand and reputation through Data Classification. [read more]


Owasp Top 10, OSSTMM, Dynamic & Static Analysis, SANS Top 25, SP800-115, WASC, ISO/IEC 27034, WAFEC, SABSA, PCI, Gap Analysis, PMP, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, NIST.SP.800-61r2, NIST.SP.800-37, Phishing Security Check.

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Jeremy Quadri

Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Jeremy Quadri (BEng Hons, OSCP, CISSP) is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant of the Quadri Consulting. Jeremy has earned a reputation for being one of the industry’s leading lights after almost two decades of unrivalled experience. Jeremy and his team consult and implement projects on cyber security matters as they relate to banks and telecom companies in the UK and overseas. Jeremy has been vetted by The UK’s Ministry of Defence and has received Security Clearance to advise on government related projects.

As the Pentesting manager for a large Telco in England, he was responsible for overseeing testing of network devices and exploiting vulnerabilities (such as SQL injection, Local/Remote File Inclusion, XSS, CSRF "Unencrypted Login Form", Directory listing found) discovered. Moreover, he has secured hundreds of web applications for financial institutions across Europe.

In an increasingly unstable world in which cyber threats damage corporate reputations, Jeremy is known for his in depth knowledge and up to date understanding of how to mitigate and counter current threats through the implementation of best practices in order to safeguard and maintain data integrity and security. His calm, analytical and professional manner makes him the partner of choice for CTOs looking to take informed risk management decisions underpinned by rigorous, cost-effective deliverables.


Werner Zieleznik

Project Manager

Werner Zieleznik leverages his more than 34 years experience gained in leading international projects for many of the world’s largest financial institutions. His experience spans all facets of technical project leadership and management. Werner’s efficacy in Data Centre relocation and consolidation projects coupled with expertise in Data Classification for global giants such as UBS and Siemens in mission critical environments makes Werner an unrivalled resource for any complex multi-national project.


Andrew Morgan

Finance Director

Andrew Morgan B.Sc (Hons) A.C.M.A. G.C.M.A. has over 27 years experience working for a variety of organisations as both a Finance Director and Consultant. Andrew has strong links to the banking industry, particularly the foreign exchange and money markets. His drive, energy and ability to think strategically make him an invaluable resource as Quadri Consulting continues to go from strength to strength.


Paul Kilty

Senior Consultant

Paul Kilty is a senior information security consultant with 7 years experience in the Financial Services and Telecom sectors, working for clients such as the investment banking giant, J.P. Morgan. Paul has led and delivered numerous information security engagements in the governance, risk and compliance space. Paul's core competencies include risk assessment, PCI DSS, audit and application security. Paul is also the proud recipient of both the Logica Bronze and ATLAS awards.


Amber Craig

Services Manager

Amber Craig is the backbone of Quadri Consulting and is more often than not the first port of call for our clients and partners. Multi-skilled, Amber is responsible for all aspects of logistics including managing proposals, internal and external weekly and monthly global meetings and travel arrangements. Amber’s natural aptitude as an organizer makes her the go to person for employees, clients and vendors alike.


Vladimir Dragan Stelian


Vladimir is a new addition to the team and slowly becoming a good penetration tester.


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