• Address the increasingly urgent security problem of
    Social Engineering.

Awareness Training

Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training is a cloud-based program that addresses the increasingly urgent security problem of social engineering. It combines simulated phishing attacks with engaging and effective online training
created with former hacker and Internet celebrity Kevin Mitnick.

Track security compliance

The cloud product enables employees to be tested before and after
the training and receive ongoing simulated phishing attacks
after the training sessions are complete.

The senior management gets the insight they need to maximize
training ROI and track security compliance.

Get the insight to
maximize training ROI.


This product is sold using a
SaaS model-annual subscription
licensed per seat.

Online e-learning multimedia

We deliver an online e-learning multimedia tests to fit your security awareness requirement, we Prevent ignorance by delivering spear-phishing attacks in a controlled environment. Prevent cyberheist schemes, social engineering scams, and ransomware attacks.

Providing awareness training to individuals does not necessarily ensure that learning has occurred. Our learning experience can best be demonstrated by subsequent test result performance gathered on phish-prone employees.

We will help create the perfect human firewall, preventing gullible employees from falling from phishing attacks.

Given the choice, most people would rather go for a bike ride that attend a security awareness training program. You will find that the small number of people that choose to attend over a bike ride are the ones that need the training the least. Our system makes awareness training fun.

We need to devise a method that would get people to take the subject of security awareness training seriously.

For awareness training to be successful, you will need to have a good a Security Policy in place. And make Security Awareness Program part of the employment process for each employee.

You must ensure each employee are continuously taking the awareness test by sending a simulated phishing attack at least once a week.

You must never shame an employee that has failed a simulated attack. Instead, their superior should have a encourage them.

Do you need to reinforce awareness? Why not do that through our secure awareness training cloud.

IT Security is every bodies job

We reinforce the believe that IT Security is every bodies job, we can reach broad audiences securely with our attractive testing package delivering ongoing, scheduled simulated Phishing Security Tests (PST).

Reading large documents or attending awareness classes does not necessarily ensure that learning has occurred. Our system is designed to change behaviors, ensure compliance and reduce risk, using best practices.

Our awareness provides a good return on investment, by driving the number of incidents and
cost of compliance down.


We aim to reduce fraud, prevent attacks, and prevent loss of reputation through our interactive tests to measure
attack recognition and retention.


With people, you have to expect the unexpected, you employees can use the knowledge obtained from our learning package to avoid an incident.

The best businesses are the ones who practice best practices such as reinforcing security awareness.

It is true: Providing formal education to employees is outside the purview of most establishment, but providing awareness training is pertinent to enable an employee to fulfill their roles in an effective manner.

Our objectives are designed to be performance-based, rather than content-based, and to provide benchmarks for evaluating learning effectiveness.

Our program is not intended to invalidate or modify your ongoing IT security awareness programs.

We will work with you to identify your security awareness requirements, learning activity will be measured and evaluated.

Track security compliance

Measurement of learners effectiveness at the end of each topic, participants will be able to provide rapid feedback from the learner's perspective. The response data is an indicator of how the learning activity is received by
the employee, also revealing if the conditions
for learning were correct.

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